About Innoscentia

Innoscentia produces a cheap bacteria sensor, which digitally signalizes when spoilage of food is detected. This enables for producers, retailers and consumers to evaluate a given product’s life cycle (shelf life) more accurately.  Today, date labeling is the standard used to describe the shelf life of a product, which is sub-optimized due to an unnecessary risk margin in terms of the actual number of days when the product can no longer be edible. Consumers are not always aware when it comes to what “best-before” and “use by” dates really mean as a result of which, there is an enormous amount of wastage of fully consumable food, globally. Our technology in different conceptualizations, including, but not limited to, labels, stickers and packages, can tell all actors in the food supply chain if the food has turned bad or not.

We have worked with Innoscentia’s technology  since the spring of 2014. Innoscentia was incorporated in the spring of 2015 and we are since involved full-time into bringing our technology to the market as fast as possible. We have the R&D team as well as the right partners in place. So far, so good.

How is your food feeling? Our sensor knows!

Our philosophy

Everyone in our company, from the R&D department to the management group, thinks and lives product development. The operative management talks weekly with Innoscentia’s industry partners in order to find the right market gap. We have some core values, which we work after:

  • Interest without commitment is worth nothing.
  • Market Traction is everything.
  • Solving the industry’s major problems is our first priority.

If a customer an investor or a partner is interested, but not willing to invest efforts and/or resources in our technology right away, then we consider that interest alone to be of significant contribution to our product development. We have, since day one, obtained invaluable traction from food producers and their suppliers. In order to verify their likely/prospective interest, all of our LOIs, have in them included, some type of resource commitment (financial or in kind). These commitments have made us confident that when our product is ready,  so is the market.

Funding & Awards




Innoscentia recently conducted it’s second seed rund and is now preparing for the next. Are you interested in taking part in our journey contact our CEO Erik Månsson, erik.mansson@innoscentia.com



EAT-Forum Global Innovation Award (2016)

Åforsk & SISP Most Innovative Entrepreneur (2015)

Innocarnival Innovation of the year (2014)

Packbridge Open-up (2014)


Clean Tech Open Top 25 Nordic Cleantech Companies (2016)

PWC’s Innovation of the year (2015)

Serendipity Challenge (2015)